Who Is This Guy?

Carl Horosz

Organized. Creative. Fun to work with. I have a knack for implementing innovative marketing and design solutions for brands and companies, large and small. Strong client and presentation skills — I'm the creative guy that can sell branding and seamlessly compliment any experienced account team. Loves collaboration and understands how to marry smart design with strategy.


Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story...

— Homer's, "The Odyssey"


At the heart of everything — I tell stories. I just happen to communicate those stories through brand building. Every piece of brand content to touch your audience helps develop your story. From selecting the perfect words for tone-of-voice and messaging — to that image or illustration that simply speaks to who you are, or to the content you post on Facebook. It is the sum of every brand interaction that creates the perception — and reality — of your product or service. But most importantly, it's about always being authentic and true to your brand essence.


I love typography and find the beauty of letters and their forms. Sometimes typography can be more compelling than an image. Whether it be a vintage sign, a beautiful magazine spread, or a web ad…great type gets me going. My other senses — taste and smell — also inspire me creatively. Sometimes I will ask… "how would that look or how could you capture that in words?" And crayons — finding the purest form of our imagination is sometimes tapping into our creative innocence. (Not to mention, I like the smell of them. Don't worry — I don't eat them. Anymore.)


NOTE: Work and clients represented on this site are based on my work experience at several agencies including; 
The CSI Group, Morello + Company, Torre Lazur McCann and DVC Worldwide.

QuotationsSimplicity & Repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art – Frank Lloyd Wright


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